Good bye, FreeBSD

It's very sad for me to say that I have little time and no energy to improve the Spanish version of documentation of FreeBSD, the very reason why I got my commit bit. I've received several messages from The Grim Reaper, and I did once the dirty (*dirty*) trick of the token commit just to reset the idle timer.

Being a member of the FreeBSD developer community has been one of the biggest things in my life. I've learnt a lot using and (when possible) improving FreeBSD; it did me a different person, and sometimes, a better one.

Actually, being a translator of FreeBSD documentation has put me in a new way of making a living, because I'm not a sysadmin anymore: I'm a professional translator now.


When I can contribute time and work again into FreeBSD I'll knock the door.

Thank you very much. See you soon.

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