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  • contratacion

    Leo en la bitácora de mi colega en la distancia Matt una entrada sobre un texto bastante interesante titulado “Cómo reconocer a un buen programador“. Creo que lo que dice este tipo vale también para otras áreas de los trabajos del gremio IT y seguramente para más ámbitos. En fín, los geek acaban contratados en […]

  • funeral

    Monty Python podían hacer gracioso hasta un funeral. Me refiero a un funeral de verdad, no a un sketch.

  • La_vida_en_un_párrafo

  • At_home_again.

    We’re at home. Wonderful days in Slovakia and in Czeck Republic. I hope posting photos soon. One big discovering of this travel (I have had a lot of atonishing stuff in this travel) is that I can communicate with others in English, and I mean communicate, talk about things as the arrival of Euro to […]

  • Sure_my_English_is_broken

    Often, when I send a mail in English, it starts with a note like this: Beware. Broken English. If you can understand it, I’ll mail you in Spanish or Basque. If not, please be patience. I said, Broken English. But talking about Broken English here is “our” champion. This is the former president of the […]

  • Here_we_go.Again

    I hope being capable of making committs very soon. The real life has been plenty of disturbing news last months. Best said, now I pretty know what an annus horribilis is. 2007. April. Our little publishing project is down. Our money income is over. I have to look for the help of social services, just […]

  • Fundraising_for_FreeBSD_development

    Last day our Security Officer send to the FreeBSD community a mail called “Fundraising for FreeBSD development“( Please, read for details). Well, a so-called “MRS VICTORIA FATOU SANKOH PERCIVAL III” send this to developers@. I have got permission to share this with the world, of course. Just in case, this is the text: From […]

  • Top-posting

    Why top-posting sucks? As usual, a good explanation in Wikipedia: Please, read this

  • Firts_post

    Deconstructing the English.